A tale about finding your roots, wherever it may take you.

Born in a fish hatchery, Alexander Trout is an orphaned brown trout minnow living a carefree life in the pristine streams and lakes of Colorado. As the years pass, Alexander begins to feel out of place and restless. Native cutthroat taunt him and confront him with his truth –that brown trout were brought to the area by humans from a distant land across a great ocean. A reoccurring dream of a majestic horn-shaped mountain, so enormous it would dwarf the mountains in the area, is beckoning him to a far-off land where he senses his ancestors and true homeland could be.

Facing a seemingly insurmountable fear of a dark underwater river, mysterious forces turn his world upside down as he finds himself placed on the wrong side of the Continental Divide with no easy way back to his best friend and his home. With little to go by, Alexander tentatively sets out on an extremely dangerous quest to find the horn-shaped mountain, traveling halfway around the world to make new friends and take incredible risks on his amazing adventure to find his roots.