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Magic of the Ice Age- America’s Lost Faerie World

Chapter Book for ages 10 to adult.


Two kids exploring the desert southwest, stumble upon a hidden cave decorated with strange designs of faeries, dragons and ice age megafauna. After passing through a large metal door into what seems like an ancient wizard’s chambers, they are suddenly swept back 18,000 years. They emerge from the cave to find a changed world, no longer brown and dry but green and wooded with mammoths and other ice age creatures roaming the now magical landscape. Even bigger surprises await as they find themselves caught up in the middle of a great conflict between rival faerie kingdoms of elves, dwarfs, orcs and giants, who have established elaborate and beautiful kingdoms across the ancient North American Landscape. Magical faerie races that will one day mysteriously vanish leaving almost no trace they ever existed. Journey with Feleena and Jack as they dangerously trek on a great quest across Ice Age North America, with their new faerie companions.


The artist Justin Gerard has begun the illustrations. His artwork for the book will be posted often on the Magic of the Ice Age Facebook page.

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