Growing up on a small farm in the state of Kansas, a young boy dreams of building a snow-capped mountain next to his farm, the kind of magical mountain most kids would love to have outside their back door. A mountain with 15,000 foot snow-covered peaks shrouded in clouds, rushing streams filled with trout and dense forests with trees over 100-feet tall. It’s a place where remote canyons are the home to elk, black bear and even beavers, where bald eagles soar next to thousand-foot waterfalls and over beautiful high country lakes. Billy has a dream, but building a mountain is an almost impossible task. Billy will need help. How can he let everyone know about his dream? Can they see what he sees? Can they help him achieve the impossible? Beyond the simple story line, Billy’s Mountain is a metaphor about impossible dreams, the vision to see what others cannot see, and the leadership needed to achieve what is thought to be impossible.