When Logan sneaks into the laboratory of a very peculiar professor, he is accidentally transported to the magical world of Canlandia, where lollipop gargoyles, toffee giants, and deadly marzipan dragons lurk in peppermint forests and rock candy canyons. To Logan’s astonishment, the Canlandians and their queen welcome him as a wizard foretold in an ancient prophecy – a wizard who will save Canlandia from the evil Baron von Jawbreaker and his army of mad gobstoppers. In no time, Logan finds himself starting on a secret mission with Butterbrickle, a girl of his own age, who happens to be Canlandia’s bravest warrior. With the queen’s army decimated, Logan and Butterbrickle must cross the continent alone in a desperate quest to steal the baron’s secret weapon: the magical Sapphire Sugar Crystal. There’s only one problem – the journey is too dangerous for anyone to survive. 


Best Juvenile Fiction Book in the New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards 2014

Winner- Pinnacle Book Achievement Award 2014


“Canlandia is an exciting pre-teen fantasy work that is masterfully written and beautifully illustrated.”

-Midwest book review

“The world of Canlandia, with its edible environment and candy-colored landscape, is well worth exploring.”

-Kirkus Book Review

“I see this book as something with which a young reader would empathize and find immersive. Even the youngest child could be drawn into this story with the help of an adult reader, find additional narrative in the paintings, and probably, eventually, be motivated to unlock the story in the text themselves. This book could be a reading gateway.

-The Science Fiction Site